3 Essentials for the Industrial Home – Inspiration from Pinterest

Material loving minimalism – get inspired by the industrial style

The industrial style is presently one of the most popular home decor styles. Those who like the style will easily fall in love with stripped lights, see the art in mechanics and make themselves comfortable on a sheet metal chair. The industrial interior style is about uncovering and exposing the raw construction of the details around us. The color palette is a simple blend of black, white and gray, with a mix of natural and metallic surfaces, such as brass and stainless steel. More important than the colors are the materials – they actually define the color range and are the key to the industrial style. Here are three essentials for the industrial home, all taken from our best source of inspiration – Pinterest.

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1. Vintage furnishing – leather, weathered wood & metal

The industrial decorators long for natural and organic materials, such as leather and wood. But at the same time, they are searching for stability. Firm and steady materials, e.g. copper and steel, will stay solid though their surface might change. Patina, rust, and worn-out features are something beautiful for the industrial lover. A leather sofa found on an auction is the perfect centerpiece and eye-catcher for an industrial living room.






2. Passion for lighting

It’s all about lighting! Work lamps, Edison light bulbs, and industrial pendants will be found in this type of home. The raw construction of these lights makes a great contrast to the vintage style furnishing. Why not create your own pendants and installations for an extra unique look? Here are some solutions that we like:






3. Exposed walls – bricks, pipes & concrete

Urbanism has led to the point where old factories are being renovated and turned into residential apartments – with untreated concrete walls, visible ducts, and unbelievably high ceilings. A perfect spot for the lover of the industrial style. This style of living is often seen in New York and Berlin, many thanks to the gentrification of the industrial suburbs on the last stations of the metro lines. The intriguing fact that your walls can whisper about the history of your building creates a unique atmosphere. The genuine look of bricks and concrete creates a rough and interesting appearance. Even though you’re not living in a loft of a factory building, there’s a way to get a brick wall in just an hour. With a wall mural that mimics battered concrete, bricks, or scratched steel surfaces, it’s simple to copy the urban loft style.






If you’re as much into the industrial style as we are, take a look at our free style guide and browse our selected industrial wall murals – we hope you enjoy!



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