Twinkle Twinkle

Connect the dots…

We wanted to make an abstract and playful starry sky and started the design process by simply drawing black dots on a white piece of paper. Soon we started to draw thin lines between the small circles, inspired by the children’s game to create pictures by drawing lines between numbered dots.


A bunch of little triangles appeared on the paper. We filled the triangels with colour…


Cute… but it kind of took away the effect of the stars so we tried coloring the lines and dots instead, using smooth colour transitions. Yellow turns into green, goes light gray…and so on.


In order to make the pattern pop even more, to make it “twinkle” and flirt with the rest of the room, we added some digital dots. Focus on one colour in the wallpaper and you see the rest of them twinkle at you.


This is a playful meeting of analog and digital techniques and we are really happy of the result. It makes it really easy to decorate and redecorate the room simply by picking different colours from the pattern. Perhaps your spring is green, your summer yellow and you autumn grey?


For you who like the pattern more than colours – we also made a black and white version, with a whole different expression, Twinkle Twinkle Black!

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